I’m so excited to be a part of the incredible programming at Sirens Conference 2018! Here’s the abstract for my presentation:

Where Are the Fat Girls? The Absence of Plus-Size Characters in Fantasy Literature
Charis M. Ellison
In popular culture, fat bodies are discussed most frequently in terms of negative space: pounds lost, dress sizes dropped, the empty half of a pair of giant trousers. This void extends deeply into the worlds of fantasy literature, art, and film. Despite the boundless opportunities presented by the genre for women to explore new worlds, identities, and power, fat women continue to be a notable absence. This presentation is both personal essay about the experience of being a fat woman, and an exploration of fat representation in fantasy, including discussion of existing fat characters and misconceptions about fat bodies.


Charis M. Ellison is a lifelong reader with a passionate love for stories. She’s a writer, a body-positive fat girl, a Hufflepuff, and a third culture kid. A military brat, Charis was homeschooled before graduating from Hardin-Simmons University, followed by attending the Denver Publishing Institute. Her poetry has appeared in Cicada and in Strange Horizons. She currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas.